Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Zoning Ordinance – Updated 11-18-2012
(emphasis added to key words for ease of use)

Q1 Do I need a Zoning Certificate for new windows, new siding, or a new roof?

A1 No. Windows, siding, and roof repair/replacement do not require a Zoning Certificate. It is when
you change the existing footprint of your home, such as adding a room, porch or deck, that you will
need a Zoning Certificate.

Q2 Do I need a Zoning Certificate to build or place a small shed or garage in the front yard of my property?

A2 You can NOT build or place a shed or any other accessory building in the front yard. Per Article 5,
Section 503.5, an accessory building or accessory structure shall be located only in the rear yard
(and a Zoning Certificate is required). Setbacks in all districts are 6 feet from the rear lot line and 3 feet
from any side lot line.

Q3 Do I need a Zoning Certificate to build a fence?

A3 Yes. Per Article 7, Section 701, “for residential uses in any “R” district, fences, plant material and similar
screening devices up to 4 feet in height are permitted in yards fronting on a street. These same screening
devices up to 8 feet in height are permitted in the remaining yards.”

Q4 How far off the property line do I have to keep my fence?

A4 Fences must be constructed in such a manner as to allow for maintenance of the other side
of the fence facing the adjacent property, as well as the ground between the fence and adjacent property.

Q5 Do I need a Zoning Certificate to plant or cut down a tree?

A5 No.

Q6 Do I need a sign permit to put a business sign in my yard?

A6 Yes. See Article 12 for all sign regulations.

Q7 Do I need a Zoning Certificate for a swimming pool?

A7 Per Article 11, Section 1107 (as revised by Resolution #698): Swimming pools may be placed, at the
owner’s risk, in the rear of any “B” or “R” district as an accessory building or structure, and shall comply
with the following conditions:
1. The pool is subject to the 6’ rear and 3’ side setback of (Article 5) Section 503.
2. A Zoning Certificate is necessary for both a permanent “in ground” or “above ground”
3. A permanent pool and deck combination, including a privacy fence, may be built under one Zoning
4. A Zoning Certificate is NOT necessary for temporary pools such as, but not limited to:
inflatable pools and hard plastic wading pools.
5. All pools are subject to a separate water permit to fill the pool.
6. All pools must be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

Q8 Do I need a Zoning Certificate to construct or replace a concrete sidewalk or driveway?

A8 No, but there is a $5.00 fee that can be paid at the Village Hall.

Q9 How can I get a copy of the Zoning Ordinance?

A9 Call the Village Hall.

Q10 How can I get an application for a Zoning Certificate?

A10 Go to Zoning Regulations and Forms on this website, or visit the Village Hall.

Q11 What if I have additional questions about the process for applying for a Zoning Certificate, Sign Permit,
or Zoning Variance?

A11 Always check with the Zoning Inspector with any questions pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance by calling
the Village Hall at (740) 922-4189, Monday through Friday, from 8 am until noon.

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