Mayor and Village Council

Village Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.

Dana Moore

Council President
Mike McConnell

Council Members
Chris Shamel
Matt R. Ritenour
Tom Baker
Marie Abbuhl
Wanda Krocker
Mike McConnell

Personnel Committee
Full Council

Finance Committee
Full Council

Health & Safety Committee
Wanda Krocker (Chairperson), Marie Abbuhl, Chris Shamel

Street, Sidewalk, & Equipment Committee
Mike McConnell (Chairperson), Matt Ritenour, Tom Baker

Water & Sewer Committee
Chris Shamel (Chairperson), Tom Baker, Matt Ritenour

Park/Trees/Decorations Committee
Tom Baker (Chairperson), Wanda Krocker, Mike McConnell

Zoning & Planning Commission
Mayor Dana Moore (President), Mike Mann, Wanda Krocker, Carol McCoy, John Wright

Board of Zoning Appeals
Dave Clark (Secretary), Carolyn Johns, Jan McConnell, Matt Hunter, Erin Davis

Records Retention
Solicitor Ong, Wanda Krocker, Carolyn Johns

Festival Committee
Matt Ritenour (Chairperson), Wanda Krocker

Regional Planning Commission
Mayor Dana Moore
Alternate – Mike McConnell